Monterey Peninsula Friends of CG Jung

Thursday, August 9th, 7pm, McGowan House, 381 High St., Monterey

Reading from the Red Book: Liber Secundus pages 281-285

1. On page 283, left column, 2nd paragraph, Jung says, 'Thus my God
found salvation. He was saved precisely by what one would actually
consider fatal, namely by declaring him a figment of the imagination.'
Why is this? And why does God get salvation and not Jung? What does
this mean? Read the dialog between Jung and Izdabar on pages 281 and
282 for the sequence of events. What happened? How did declaring his
God a fantasy save the God?

2. On page 283, left column, bottom paragraph, middle of the paragraph,
Jung says 'So long as we leave the God outside us apparent and tangible,
he is unbearable and hopeless. But if we turn the God into fantasy, he
is in us and is easy to bear. The God outside us increases the weight
of everything heavy, while the God within us lightens everything
heavy.' What does this mean? How does this work? Do you have an
experience of this?

3. On page 284 the incantations start. These incantations are in
wonderful images in the original German. Go back to the images. They
start on page 50 of the original. Let's go through these and discuss
the images and incantations. What are these?